Skincare & Hair Routine – Spring Edition

Hi everyone! 🙂 Spring is has finally occured with everything that it contains – cute blossoms, colorful streets, changeable weather, allergies and preparation for the upcoming graduation (rhyming was not my aim). Spring also means a happy end to long and boring skincare routine and new products need to be used to heal the skin after pretty harsh winter.

Because of cutting my hair (it wasn’t as difficult and hard as I had thought!) quite short I could finally disburden the shampoo and started to use the Shiny Shamp from Soaphoria. Hair are frothed and washed quickly and they do not get draggy quickly. The only disadvantage is that you need to keep the shampoo on some  underlay because it will smudge you the bathtub.

After Soaphoria shampoo I use once or twice a week the purple one that is supposed to lighten your “all natural” blonde hair colour. Straightly after having that dry mass on my head for a couple of minutes I reach for Aussie Miracle Shine Conditioner and Alverde Repair Haarmaske also twice a week because after the purple shampoo/mask hair are unbelievably dry and need to be cheered up by a healing mask.

Let’s move to skin now and to dealing with tiny but untidy pores on my forehead. I’ve fallen in love with this Balea Anti-Pickel Peel-Off Maske that is originally supposed to fight against little red enemies on our faces but it works good for removing dry and dead skin paritcles on my forehead. Pores are not as clear as if using the original peel-off mask but it is enough for my dry skin. 

After the mask I need to give my skin lots of Cacao Creme from Ziaja. For extremely dry parts of the face I always have in my “make up bag” Soaphoria Mild Caledonia Universal Balm. It works as good as my vaseline I introduced you in my Winter Edition Routine – or even better. It feels less pily on the skin but still hydrates it. 

All the body lotions and shower gels as well as peelings will be included in another article because this one would be neverending. I hope the products chosen heloed you a bit if having a oroblem to find the proper ones to buy. 🙂 


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