A Life Without Makeup?

Hi everyone! 🙂 I’m back after such long time of being offine as a blogger. I’m not gonna make any excuses of my “activity” in connection with school, graduation etc. because a separate article will be dedicated to this topic. Now let’s talk about what the title promises you. 🙂

Makeup. An accessory of every woman’s visage, a perfect friend that gives you a hand whenever your skin refuses to cooperate. A helper that instantly hides all flaws you cannot stand on your face from little blemishes to freckles. The miraculous invention that will make you look as if being retouched. 

Despite all of these pros, I stopped using makeup almost completely two years ago. The only item I couldn’t remove from my makeup routine was an eyebrow pencil and a mascara  (which I definitely don’t use on a daily basis) because without it my brows look like copied from Mona Lisa’s ones. 

The root causes of such decision:

Why should I steal even a few minutes from my beloved sleep? 

I truly dislike removing makeup. At any time of a day. Ugh.

Makeup – as any other thing that we use – needs to be refilled/bought again. It basically means I cannot spend this 5-10€ on food which is a complete disaster. 

I have really dehydrated skin (not only because I drink as much as a desert plant) and it’s difficult for me to find a foundation that will fit me and I will not have to consider selling a kidney in order to buy it.

I rather invest into good skincare products that can actually help my skin so I will not have to use lots of foundation, concealer, powder and so on. 

Why should I look perfect everyday? Of course, when going to some party, prom  or any highly official occasion I have to make an exception and care about my look more than on a usual day. But who should I charm when going to school, shopping, hiking or out with friends? Those people already know me without makeup. Come on, they have seen me while overcoming an annual spring allergic reaction! 

In addition, I have nothing to hide on my skin. I got used to my freckles, terrible circles under my eyes telling people I was writing until 4 am again and cheeks like a squirell that I refuse to contour. Get used to it, darling. This is me. 

How does my makeup routine look like then? After doing my brows and sometimes one layer of a drugstore mascara I add lipstick and that’s it. I don’t use lipstick for my lips to look better or healthier or whatever because the colours I use are oftentimes pretty unusual. You know, that black and blue ones that some people call ugly but I call them my most awesome gorgeous buddies. Some people love buying shoes or eyeshadow palettes and I love wearing weird lipsticks. The end of a story.

To sum it all up, I want to emphasize to all of you that it’s more than okay not to use what you hate even when it’s trendy. I chose not to use foundation and other makeup items I cannot even name. On the other hand, I cannot imagine my life without lipsticks and an eyebrow pencils. You may love creating many looks with makeup or having lots of dresses or skirts. Wear and use whatever you like and don’t use what you dislike. How simple, isn’t it? 🙂 


7 thoughts on “A Life Without Makeup?

  1. Quite true that it has almost become a ritual to add makeup our rituals when we are to go to major functions or events! We really can’t escape the fact that we want to look good! I hang on to kohl and lip balm for daily life.. I don’t usually wear make up because I’m not good at it. So, I Guess until I finish my trial and error methods, I would finally wear good make up Everyday 😂


  2. Really good post, personally I love make up but totally agree with some things you’re saying! Make up is always horrible to take off at any point, it’s so tedious when you wear a lot. Nice to see other people’s opinions on why they don’t wear make up 😊

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