How Have My Depressions Changed?

Hey everyone! 🙂 I’m back after such a long time mostly spent by preparing for finals as well as the entrance tests. I had enough time to think too because I was also always on the way. A little pause from people and enough space for overthinking have caused a surprising change in fields of my depressions.

As you know, I used to write some articles about the negaitivity in my life and useful tips about my personal elimination of such elements or people. It all worked and when comapring that time before Christmas 2016 with the one of 2015, I admit I was far more calm and happier. However, I still felt stressed because of people behaving bad to each other and their reactions towards the people they called friends.


Especially during Christmas I realized it needs to be stopped permanently. I had tried to reduce being upset about people in the past but after some time I always failed. But I found out this time I need to take it seriously otherwise I destroy myself.

I started to spend more time with people I really care about and who enjoy my company as well. At first I had to admit I have some friends that like me and do not hate me secretly. It was pretty difficult at the beginning, sometimes I felt even worse because of deleting some people from my life and allowing others to know me better. But believe me, with the right company every step, even such little one, will get easier.

Then I did more of the activities I loved such as watching movies, writing and being with friends. You may enjoy completely different ones and you need to find yourself what you want to occupy yourself with during free time. It will surely increase your mood and you will feel a bit more relaxed. 

Enough sleep is inevitable as well as eating more healthy food such as well-know vegetable and fruit. Enjoying junk food is sometimes beneficial as well.

I also started spending more of my leisure time outside in nature. Sometimes I still don’t have mood to accept friends’ invitations but I just take my dog that fortunately doesn’t ask anything during worse days.

You have to count with the fact that such changes will not improve your mood on the very next day. It’s usually a long-term process with lots of ups and downs. Depressions will never disappear completely and there will always be a dark shadow behind us. But remember that it’s only up to you how much will you allow it to enter your life. 


3 thoughts on “How Have My Depressions Changed?

  1. I am sorry to hear that you were having tough times, but I am also happy to know that you are getting better, time in nature is really important! Happy you can walk your dog, it is really good to have a pet. Try to get some positive good audiobooks to listen during these walks, you will love it! =)

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