Don’t Be Afraid Of Weird Colors! 

In a world full of pink, wear black.

Or just wear whatever you like and feel good and comfortable in. Don’t pay any extra attention to people that have nothing to do just judging others’ clothes, hair and makeup. You can take those shirts and jeans off, change your hair color and use different lipstick whenever you want, but they cannot change the simple fact that they are judgemental pricks.

Don’t be afraid to show people you refuse to be a brainless sheep. Let them see you have your own ideals and world where their opinion belongs to deep canals.

Just live a life you want to because it’s too short to wear boring dress.



9 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid Of Weird Colors! 

  1. Yesss! I love this post so much! I have a green pistachio lipstick that I wore maybe twice but it’s still one of the best (or most unique) colours I have! The black one I have just doesn’t look that good on me but I had to buy it lol


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