The Best Products For Dry Skin: Winter Edition

As a person whose skin gets totally dry, sensitive and unhappy as soon as colder seasons occur, I have been searching for products that are able to make my face look like I was not 70 instead of 20. Honestly, it is a pretty long search when you are a poor student who puts all his money in papers, pens and food.

But this winter I finally managed to find a few products that my skin approves.

Olive Leaf for smooth skin

The essential part of my skincare routine is peeling which my process starts with. This one from a polish brand Ziaja contains tiny particles that cleans pores of all skin types and contains olive leaf extract as well as olive oil rich in Vitamin E.

+ deeply cleans your skin & pores

+ no unpleasant scent

+ feels pleasurable on the skin

– my face needs instant hydratation

–  you need to wash the face really gently with that because the particles may scratch you when pushing too strong



Straightly after cleaning my almost non-existing pores I reach for cream. During winter I prefer consistent creams rather than the lighter ones. This contains again olive oil.

+ instantly gets absorbed into the skin

+ skin is smooth

+ smells softly and a bit like olives

+ skin is hydrated all day long!


Vaseline for extremely dry areas

The area around nose and the centre of forehead refuses to be pleased by hydratation of usual skincare creams. Thus, I tried pure cosmetic vaseline from Dr. Max.  I use it only during days when the already mentioned areas stop cooperating with any creams or during enjoying extremely low temperatures at the mountains.

+ greases very dry skin

+ suitable to put under concealer (only in small amounts and on little areas)

does not hydrate, only greases

really greasy, ugh


Lip balm and hand cream are “must have”

Especially these two are the best helpers during winter trips. Bio lip balm from Moje cosmetics prevents lips from being damaged, whereas hand cream from Avon has in addition beautiful scent of lavender and jasmine. Not a typical winter scent, but I do not rely on such details. I have found no cons on these products yet.




And what products help you during winter season? 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Best Products For Dry Skin: Winter Edition

  1. My skin has been soooo dry, I’ll have to keep an eye out for these. I’ve been using a sample of the Lancome sleep mask, which has worked pretty well!
    Emmy xox


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