The Danger Of Taking People For Granted & How To Stop Doing It

Let’s admit the truth, humans are not robots and they have the right to experience better as well as worse days. We may get sick and despite that forced to go to work or school, have an argument with some brilliant fool or just have a day when we ruin even spagetti. Therefore after being asked why we look as a god of all the evil we oftentimes answer by chipping away or insulting others. Everyone sometimes behaves like that and it’s completely okay.

However, when you suffer from severe depressions or social phobia, your mood is constantly at so low level that most of us are always irritated and ready to kill with words everyone who even dares to look at us. 

We simply don’t care about our nearest people who are afraid of us. We think only about ourselves, buried deeply in our insane state of mind, refusing to even ask others if their day was good or how are they doing. Of course, we usually don’t behave like that on purpose. We just don’t have any spare energy to care about anything because of thinking how to find a motivation to wake up to another cloudy grey day.


On the other hand, people that are aware of all the cons of our personalities and behaviour deserve to be treated like pure gold. They have enough patience to listen to our feelings and thoughts when we open to them, hug us tightly when we only want to cry our  hearts out or when they decide to try to improve our mood or take us out. They are here for us whenever we need them, no matter if there is only one person like that or twenty.

We don’t depend on material stuff that are about to get damaged or thrown away sooner or later. We rely on people. Friends, relatives, the heroes hidden in clothes of ordinary guys from working class that are not social media stars but despite that help huge amounts of people by not discriminating or judging others by their looks or presenting in fron of others. Such humans are so rare that as soon as you observe just one precious piece in your life, keep it as long as possible. 


However, even the most warm-hearted people can get fed up with aviodant and inhospitable behavior. Thus, we should make them feel they are important to us. Even though disliking to tell anyone we like them, we should sometimes tell them how much they mean to us. Thank them for having so much patience with you. Take them to their favourite place during your better days. When you feel bad and know you would hurt them and later regret it, rather send them away and isolate from them for some time. Still better than losing them.

Just don’t take those people for granted. The true hell begins as soon as you get all alone with your mind. 

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