How To Deal With a Toxic Person?

Hey everyone! 🙂 In the previous article I was talking about the signs of toxic person which I hope helped you to recognize such people in your life. But how can we cope with such people?

1. Tell them about what they do wrong

Do  they criticize you a lot, point just on your negative features and don’t behave nice and respectfully to you? Take them into favourite café and tell them. They may have difficult period of life, not realizing they treat people in a worse way from how they used to. When you point on disliking that, they may realize it, apologize and even told you about problems that force them to behave this way. 

2. Try more serious talk

When the first step doesn’t work, create more serious atmosphere so the person can clearly see you really mean it and your friendship is on the edge. Show them you are not making fun, point on things that hurt you again.

3.  Cut them for some time from your life

They don’t have to have difficult times, they might have just changed. Let them realize this change is not good for them on their own. Relax, meet other friends, but do not gossip because you don’t want to be enemies with them.

4. Delete them from your friend list

This sounds pretty cruel, almost as animals dying in moviesc doesn’t it? Nevertheless, in case the previous steps doesn’t work, the person doesn’ t change and still worsens your days, there’s no other chice (unless you want to go to prison). You have to stop contacting them, talking to them and even stalking them on social media. Yeah, everywehere. You should rather block them so it won’t tease you. 

It will be significantly difficult at first, but after some time you will get used to not having them around. You may be missing them, especially when you are warm-hearted, but you can’t let those people ruin your days. You can’t be the smaller, weaker, uglier, less tallented friend. They want you to feel this way, but you can’t let them. No matter whether it is your friend, parent or employer. You mustn’t let anyone make you feel you are worse than them or than others. You are equal to other people. And sometimes – especially when talking about toxic people – even far more clever than them. Therefore you have to be strong and don’t be afraid to get rid of such people. And if they are liked by your friends and even the majority of you company? Ignore them either. Other people might be pretending their love and admiration because they want to be nice to such people, but they don’t let that person come closer. You should do so as well. Behave nice to toxic people, don’t humiliate them, be their opposite. But never let them come closer.

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