Never Heard of Slovakia? These Reasons Will Persuade You To Love It

Small parliamentary republic hidden in the heart of central Europe.  Finally getting its freedom on 1. January 1993. Over 5 millions of inhabitants. More than 49 000 km2. 

Welcome to Slovakia. 

Honestly, have you ever heard about this country? I bet that not. If I were a cheerful buddy living on the other side of the ocean, I would raise my eyebrows after being asked about Slovakia so much that they would eventually disappear (maybe I would be finally as trendy as those Instagram girls shaving their poor things, huh). “Why should I know something about this minimalistic piece of land?” I would ask.  “Is there something important or what?” 

I have to confess that I oftentimes hear those answers from the actual Slovak citizens. From people that had been born there, attended local schools and raised their children there. Unless they have not fled to another more developed country.

So, let’s answer those questions.

We have the most beautiful nature.

From the windy slopes of High Tatras with amazing view revealing the hidden treasures of woods and meadows to fertile lowlands rich in various species of colorful flowers. Through the calm waters of river Váh to the cold vast levels of tarns. From lively sunrises to myserious sunsets. This is Slovakia. 

Our language is just awesome.

Especially in the middle part of the country, people will surprise you with pure pronounciation and pleasurable sound of words. This is Slovakia.


Taste our food once and you will never leave our kitchen.

Halušky and dumplings with fresh soft sheep’s milk cheese and small roasted pieces of bacon will make your mouth water. This is Slovakia.

…and we share food.

“Yay, this tastes brilliantly! Do you want a bite?”

“You have it empty, don’t you ? I’ll pour your glass, my friend!” (This one is the most frequent one.)

“We have cakes, schnitzels, potato salad, 5 kinds of soups, eat how much you can, buddy!”

Yeah, this is also Slovakia. 

We are still here despite all the obstacles.

Do you want our territory? Learn us you language and forget ours? Call yourself the citizens of your land instead of ours? Such a pity, man, let me introduce you Ľudovít Štúr and Trianon Peace Pact. Because this is our Slovakia. 

Do not ever say “I like nothing about the country I live in.” It is not perfect at all (it is so far away from even an illusion of perfection), but there are still lots of things – oceans of things – to be glad for and happy about.

Buď hrdý, že si Slovák. Buď na to hrdý.  


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