Travels With My Fox 

Corgis are the world’s best antidepressants. Do you feel anxious, nervous or totally down? This fox-like cuties can make your day up within a few seconds. And one of them is enthusiastically jumping through my garden.  

This bunch of fur over-filled with energy was not planned at all. Because of not having fence around our new building at all, our 3-member family came into conclusion that we have to wait with bringing any cute puppy. We wanted a tiny dog that will be raised and trained according to our rules and preferences… But you know, life has its own plan.


My dad had brought our corgi more than 2 years ago after finding him at housing estate at the end of the city. Although we were not prepared for a dog, we had no bowls, granules nor leash, but we somehow managed it and named him Rocky (because the neighbors have Rambo, so there must be a symbiosis 😀 ). He was already around 5 years old and even learning his name took him 7 months.


Despite being a dog that completely refuses any kind of training – even the easiest one – he became our beloved family member (mostly because looking like fox and cheering people up without doing anything special). He behaved good in car, so we started to take him for trips. Woods, grandma’s estate, hills, canyons, meadows – he has no problem with anything. But when he jumps into a lake-like mud, I have a large problem with him.



Dogs in common are the best company for any kind of trip. When you do not wanna be alone but have no interest in being with talkative people, they will follow you wherever you are going without hesitation, protect you and even amuse you a lot. When you get lost, the will find you and look at you with so much loyalty and happiness in their eyes that no human can ever give you.



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