Do You Feel Depressed In Autumn? These 5 Tips May Help You To Like This Season

Hello guys! 🙂 Do you feel sad and nostalgic when realizing long hot days of awesome summer are undoubtedly over? Do you perceive the new season as a time of year when burning the candle at both ends during the exhausting weeks while having cold in addition? Well, then it’s high time to reveal all the pros of autumn. 🙂

  1. Colours…and more colours!

Because of innumerable shades of yellow, brown and orange, autumn has become the most colorful season. Do you feel stressed by school and other duties? Let’s escape to nature! The cold weather and wind will mean nothing if you dress favourite warm fluffy sweater and some hipster windbreaker. Take your friend, dog or camera with you and refresh your tired mind. Who would feel utterly bad after spending time surrounded by colours and calm of nature?

2. It’s tea time!

Although I drink tea during the whole year and completely  don’t mind if it’s arid summer or freezing winter, I love making hot cup of green flavoured one straightly after coming home. While drinking it, I relax a bit, watch videos or let my chocolate addiction to win over me. I highly recommend typical hot apple with honey and lemon, this just smells and tastes like all those wanders through forest. (Yeah, I always become kinda poetic while thinking about hot apple tea. I’m a weirdo.)

3. Warm sweater season

Shopping malls are filled with sweaters in all colours that you can make up. Good idea, because after sunny months spent by hanging up in shorts and cropptops we feel like a tiny ice tube. Cute sweater with your favourite pattern will make you feel comfortable and warm and also protects you from getting cold and angry lying in your bed with fuel.

4. Popular TV series start again!

Yeah, I personally am talking about The Walking Dead. But also fans of Ash vs Evil Dead are enjoying new epizodes…and here ends my TV series overview.

5. Halloween, of course

Despite I’m not a fan of recreating the old traditions according to the needs of commerce (I hope at least you understand, because I’ve got lost in this sentence), I LOVE Halloween atmosphere. Reason? I’m a huge fan of horror films, series and sinister atmosphere in common. Witches, ghosts, pumpkins and costumes are my paradise. You may go to cinema that offers special prizes and project popular movies, go out with friends or decorate your room. Or just eat pumpkin, as I do.



I know autumn means for 90% of us starting of new problems hard to be solved. Rainy days may also bring depressions (unless you are a pluviophile, which means ‘a lover of rainy weather’). However, we always need to seek for a beauty in daily routine, not to sound as an overmotivated psychologist, but simply to survive and move on.  We need to find things to be glad for, to br happy about and to be looking forward to. Otherwise will our mood kill us.

I hope you’ve found those tips useful to cope with some demotivation and bad feelings. Do you want any special Halloween article? 🙂 

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