My Life With Social Anxiety Disorder: What Helps Me To Overcome It?

Hey guys 🙂 At the beginning – otherwise I will forget about that as usually – I wanna thank all of you for such positive feedback on my previous article. I bet you can imagine my internal struggle before finally deciding to upload my first work because I was afraid of it being disliked. Simply said – I behaved as a usual SAD person. 

Today I would like to move on and speak with you a little about ways that help me daily to overcome my enormous fears of everything that is situated away from my beloved cozy home.

In the beginning, I have to confess I haven’t overcome the SAD completely yet and I’m of the opinion this disorder cannot be conquered at all during life. Either you achieve it or are born with it, SAD becomes an inseparable part of your personality which is impossible to be torn away from you. In order not to go crazy because of that fact, you have to learn to live with the knowledge you are different than those shiny happy extroverts that have more best friends than you have negative thoughts during sitting in the class. (And believe me, it is a huge number.) In the following 3 situations I would like to show you typical daily situation which I and we all feel uncomfortable in and tips that help me to survive them.


Situation #1

Warning: neverending crowd of extroverts approaching! They want small talks, they giggle, talk so much and are so cheerful! I need to start behaving like them, otherwise their happy bodies will bury my weak skeleton!

What can I do?

You cannot persuade yourself you can be like them because people differ from one to another. Behave the way you feel comfortable in, or how those suermotivational books say – just be yourself. Be proud to be different than the crowd consisting of people that are all the same. And although not meeting another introverted person whose face  is covered in striking red everytime when asked to perform himself, it doesn’t mean there exist no other people like you. Honey, this oxygen-filled planet contains approximately 7 billion folks (I rather don’t imagine how much of them were born during me writing this over – motivational masterpiece) and I dare to say millions of them have the same thoughts and problems as you do.  So contact them! The main function of social sites is not just to entertain you with mainstream memes (although you have something you laugh at while trying to seem included in the debate with extroverts), but to create new friendships between people that are so far from each other that they have to subtrack 7 hours to calculate the time when they are both awake to chat together. True friends don’t have to see each other daily, but they are helpful, understand you and don’t let you hide from other people…alone.


Situation #2

My friends always keep asking why I am so quiet. They call me a weirdo, make jokes of me and don’t even try to involve me in the conversation because of knowing I still won’t say anything.

What can I do?

Your friends usually don’t mean the jokes as an insult, because while someone else makes jokes on them, they make fun of it as well. When being with your closest friend, try to explain him/her you are different than they are and don’t feel comfortable during such situations. The real friends will understand your problem, and if they don’t…well, at least you got rid of the smelly trash from your life. 🙂


Situation #3

I blush and stammer everytime when asked to speak in front of the class, unknown group of people or another huge crowd. I instantly forget each of the conscientiously prepared arguments.

What can I do?

No mater how many enemies you have, the greatest and worst one is always your own mind. Working totally independently from reality, it persuades you all the people around you are your enemies that just wanna insult you or laugh at you everytime you try to speak or express your attitude towards a particular topic. Actually, forcing my negative perceptions to stop is my greatest problem, but I always try to repeat that all of this is just my imagination. The folks might be laughing at their jokes in the vast corner of the room, not giving me their attention at all. And everybody makes mistakes and aren’t sorry for them even when being awkward as hell, so why should I care so much about saying something wrong or misspelling?


I know all the solutions need such great deal of your courage, because it is not easy to talk with your friends about such topic or contact people from another half of the planet. And the hardest thing is to fight against your own mind. But be patient, do not fall deep into despair when you fail facing your fears. Remember that even Rome was not built in one day. 😉

If you need to ask something, talk about your problems or just want someone to chat with, contact me here at any time. I am looking forward to all of you! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “My Life With Social Anxiety Disorder: What Helps Me To Overcome It?

  1. This just made me realize that I’ve been battling anxiety since grammar school . ALl the signs were there but not as strong as they are today . But great article


    1. Thanks a lot☺ My SAD had started in the end of my elementary school and during grammar school it worsened, therefore I can inagine how you had felt. I hope you are getting better nowadays☺


  2. Nice piece. As a 16 year old whose been afflicted by this monster practically my whole life now, it’s relieving to see others like me. Granted, I don’t experience SAD the exact same way you described here, but that’s a whole other conversation. It’s just a huge f’ing shame that I can never seem to find people who relate to me IRL. Who know what it feels like to be destroyed by social anxiety. And it sucks, because that sh*t pretty much dictates my life. I don’t do extracurriculars in school because I’m too scared to ask how can I join; it always seems like the more extroverted people in my school find a way to seamlessly fuse themselves into extracurricular culture, meanwhile I would have to actually ask somebody in charge in order to get involved, but I don’t want to do that. But that’s getting off topic. Thanks for the tips, I especially need to apply that last one in my life. That it’s mostly all in my head.


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