Skincare & Hair Routine – Spring Edition

Hi everyone! 🙂 Spring is has finally occured with everything that it contains - cute blossoms, colorful streets, changeable weather, allergies and preparation for the upcoming graduation (rhyming was not my aim). Spring also means a happy end to long and boring skincare routine and new products need to be used to heal the skin after … Continue reading Skincare & Hair Routine – Spring Edition


A Life Without Makeup?

Hi everyone! 🙂 I'm back after such long time of being offine as a blogger. I'm not gonna make any excuses of my "activity" in connection with school, graduation etc. because a separate article will be dedicated to this topic. Now let's talk about what the title promises you. 🙂 Makeup. An accessory of every … Continue reading A Life Without Makeup?

Rýchla pomoc pre suché vlasy

Ahojte! 🙂 Pokiaľ ste rovnakí experimentátori v oblasti farbenia vlasov než ja, určite dobre viete, že sa naša milovaná pokrývka hlavy po určitom čase unaví a začne si vyslovene pýtať zvýšenú starostlivosť. Pre mňa je spomínaným obdobím jednak zima, no zároveň aj množstvo stresu, kedy zväčša moje nekonečne dlhé ,,bronde" stočím to laického drdola a … Continue reading Rýchla pomoc pre suché vlasy

How Have My Depressions Changed?

Hey everyone! 🙂 I'm back after such a long time mostly spent by preparing for finals as well as the entrance tests. I had enough time to think too because I was also always on the way. A little pause from people and enough space for overthinking have caused a surprising change in fields of … Continue reading How Have My Depressions Changed?

Don’t Be Afraid Of Weird Colors! 

In a world full of pink, wear black. Or just wear whatever you like and feel good and comfortable in. Don't pay any extra attention to people that have nothing to do just judging others' clothes, hair and makeup. You can take those shirts and jeans off, change your hair color and use different lipstick … Continue reading Don’t Be Afraid Of Weird Colors! 

Miluj osobu, ktorou si sa stal

Sadni si, uvoľni sa a na chvíľu sa nad sebou zamysli. Spomeň si na svoju mladšiu verziu spred niekoľkých rokov a pozri sa na seba dnes.  Prešiel si si dlhou cestou. Kľukatou, hrboľatou či plnou dier. Spadol si toľkokrát, až by tvoje doráňané kolená vedeli písať romány o každej modrine. Na rukách ešte rozpoznať dávne … Continue reading Miluj osobu, ktorou si sa stal

The Best Products For Dry Skin: Winter Edition

As a person whose skin gets totally dry, sensitive and unhappy as soon as colder seasons occur, I have been searching for products that are able to make my face look like I was not 70 instead of 20. Honestly, it is a pretty long search when you are a poor student who puts all … Continue reading The Best Products For Dry Skin: Winter Edition